Guardian Data Systems delivers “ROAR”, the most complete cannabis software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions.
Take Control of Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis Software For Your Business Operations

Guardian Data Systems ROAR is the most complete cannabis software. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions vertically integrate across all your operations. Whether your Cannabis business focuses on growing, processing, testing, dispensing, delivering, or all of the above, the ROAR cannabis software solutions have you covered. We give you the power to automate, gain insight to your data, stay compliant and control costs.

Easy-to-use interface empowers employees and simplifies your business operations.

Manage inventory, accounts, payroll and payments from one system.

Robust sales automation, demand forecasting and compliance reporting features.

We Connect The Data That Makes Cannabis Business Possible

The cannabis industry is scaling-up fast. In order to keep up, you need a solution that provides you with the most comprehensive insight into how your business operates. Where are your highest expenses? Is your inventory under control? Are you pricing your products and/or services competitively, and intelligently. Watch our video to learn more.

Optimize profits and reduce time-consuming processes and risk in your dispensary with ROAR’s Dispensary and Point of Sale solution. Click to learn more.

ROAR Executive Suite is a full ERP that’s vertically integrated, rolling up your financials from cultivation, processing and labs to dispensary, delivery, distribution and ancillary businesses. Click to learn more.

Oil extraction and preparing cannabis-infused products are all about the manufacturing and supply chain side of the cannabis industry. Click to learn more.

Keep track of your biological assets through every step in your grow operation, from propagation to harvest, with ROAR’s cultivation management solution. Click to learn more.

ROAR’s easy-to-use Lab Information Management System (LIMS) creates efficiency in cannabis testing laboratory workflows, beginning with order intake and going all the way through to automatic test results posting, invoicing, reports and compliance. Click to learn more.

Deep capabilities in retail, services, distribution and manufacturing means ROAR is the perfect fit for the ancillary business. ROAR streamlines your operations so you can provide the highest quality products and services to your customers. Click to learn more.

ROAR cannabis distribution software provides the automation you require for streamlining your business work flows, with special attention to traceability and compliance. Click to learn more.

ROAR cannabis delivery software provides the tools you need for smart routing, automated shipping manifests, supply chain and inventory management. Click to learn more.

Service packages for our ROAR cannabis software cover both your initial implementation and your ongoing needs for future training and other support. Click to learn more.

Guardian Data Systems Receives National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannatech Award For Technology That Will Change The Industry

Everyone at Guardian Data Systems was excited to hear the news that we received the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Cannatech award for technology that will change the industry for the better in cultivation.

NCIA’s Cannavation and Cannatech Industry Awards were presented at the organization’s Seed To Sale Conference January 31st to February 1st at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. The awards are decided based on nominations from industry peers, and are designed to recognize the individuals and organizations who are going above and beyond to advance the cannabis industry.

The National Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of power in numbers. The thousands of American businesses involved in the state-legal cannabis industries represent a tremendous economic force in this country. As the industry’s national trade association, NCIA works every day to ensure our growing business sector is represented in a professional and coordinated way on the national stage.

Guardian Data Systems CEO, Lance Ott said, “We are very proud to win this NCIA Canntech award for technology. It is great recognition from our peers in the cannabis industry that our software is a powerful way to automate business operations, gain insight into customer data, ensure compliance, and control costs.”

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