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Cannabis Pesticides Uproar

Everyone is in an uproar over recent reports of lab tests finding pesticides on cannabis products. Tests on cannabis samples from California in October, performed by Steep Hill Labs, Inc. in Berkeley, reported finding pesticides in 84.3% of the cannabis tested. Oregon recently released a “health alert” for tainted cannabis. President of the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories (ACCL), Jeffrey Raber, PhD, has concluded that “It is fair to say that around 50% of the cannabis being tested contains pesticides..” They don’t specifically list which various pesticides they have found. Our own government entities, the FDA and the USDA, have compiled long lists of approved pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are considered safe for consumption and are heavily used on our food crops every day. Reports on the Oregon debacle are saying the cannabis is “contaminated” with Spinosad, calling it a common insecticide in the marijuana industry. Spinosad has been…

Trump & Cannabis – It’s not all gloom and doom and here’s why….

In the last few weeks following the election there has been a lot of chatter about a Trump Administration and what it means to the cannabis industry. President-elect Donald Trump continues to surround himself with advisors who have claimed a strict stance on marijuana policy or reform. His recent appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama(R) to the Department of Justice has many people are wondering what he has in mind for the industry and what it may mean for efforts to move forward with reform. Sessions has been quite outspoken on his stance against cannabis. He believes that it is a gateway drug that is much more dangerous than alcohol despite the facts that these beliefs have been debunked by experts. At a Senate hearing last spring he was quoted as saying “We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that…

Election 2016: The Momentous Year Cannabis Won!

The election is barely over and already this year is being called a landmark year for the  Marijuana Reform Initiative. Nine states had initiatives on the ballot for their citizens to vote on and only one did not live to see its fruition. The other 8 of those states made their mark on history and passed their prospective cannabis programs of recreational cannabis and medical alike. Nevada went legal! And so did California - no surprise there, and Massachusetts and Maine... What is surprising is that Arizona did not legalize marijuana. The initiative was rejected by over 52% of the vote. But that is pretty close and a sign that the state is pretty equally divided. Maybe it’s a good thing it didn’t pass. Many believed that it was poorly written and created a monopoly on the industry. Laura Ciscomani is a volunteer with Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy who…

ROAR ERP for Cannabis Distribution

If you are thinking about an ERP Software System for Cannabis Distributors (and you should be if your aren’t) the options are seemingly endless. There are plenty of systems on the market and most of them do just about the same things as the others. There is a suite of functions that are pretty general that every business needs to track and maximize their processes. The cannabis industry, however, is not a “general” kind of business. It is it’s own unique beast. The cannabis industry possesses requirements that are specific to only this industry. Special attention must be paid to details that are just not even considered in the general world of distribution. Anyone participating in the cannabis industry needs to pay close attention to those details and make sure they are implementing an ERP System that also has taken special consideration of the unique needs of the industry.  Needs that anyone who…