Full Cannabis ERP for Business Vertical Integration

Connect, automate, and streamline your operations from seed to sale.

Comprehensive Cannabis ERP

The Executive Suite is a full ERP that connects, automates and streamlines the flow of data between all your businesses.

Deep Traceability

ROAR delivers serious traceability by seamlessly allowing you to track every seed, phase, ingredient, product, result, interaction, route, order, customer, vendor and more.

Global Financials

In addition to providing GAAP compliant accounting, ROAR delivers powerful reporting that rolls up your financials across all your locations and organizations for automated seed-to-sale reporting.

Configurable for Unique Needs

Leverage the power of your historical data that’s captured on a strain-by-strain basis and utilized in reports. Make easier, more informed yield and potency projections.

Interactive Dashboards

ROAR’s cannabis dispensary software gives you real-time insight into the status of your business for improved and quicker decision-making. Drill down from high level views and examine the detail.

Easy Compliance

Built-in compliance processes and reports significantly reduce the time and cost of staying in compliance with evolving government regulations.

For investors and business owners in the cannabis industry, Guardian Data Systems' executive suite is a full cannabis ERP that will provide the valuable insight into your business that you need. Our system can collect data across multiple locations and business verticals. What's more, our cannabis ERP connects, automates and streamlines your operations from seed to sale for greater profitability and reduced risk.

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Get Freedom in the Cloud with ROAR

As a cloud solution, ROAR Cannabis Software can be used on any device with a web browser. Use computers and devices you already have and log in securely. ROAR delivers reliable 99.99% uptime, giving you high-level on-demand performance and real-time access from anywhere.

ROAR’s flexible web APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate with states for fast and easy compliance reporting. You can also integrate with other software and most hardware, from barcode scanners and label printers to digital scales and other devices, so that data flows securely and directly into or out of your system.

ROAR’s secure cloud infrastructure provides you with an affordable solution for profitable growth.