Cannabis Delivery Software

Automate your delivery business and enhance your ability to provide fast and convenient delivery to clients who need to medicate.

Patient Management

Improve yours and your drivers’ knowledge of customers needs and past orders. Manage patient data and orders. View the status of recent orders and quickly drill down to see order history.

Optimized Delivery Routes

Provide the fastest delivery possible with ROAR. Consolidate orders based on locations, routes and drivers.

Demand Forecasting

Leverage ROAR’s demand planning tools to forecast customer orders, better manage your supply chain, and anticipate costs. Utilize historical data to identify trends and adjust for seasonal and event factors.

Powerful Inventory Management

Get insight into your inventory, improve accuracy and reduce your labor costs with ROAR’s powerful inventory management. ROAR keeps track of every product going into and out of your business, while helping you avoid product overstocks and outages.

Shipping Manifests

Automate the production of accurate Shipping Manifests that identify vehicle, driver, route and delivery details, in compliance with state requirements.

Compliance and Reporting

Meet every state requirement for cannabis traceability. Built-in reports make fulfilling your compliance requirements a breeze.

Inventory Management

Keep track of all your stocked goods in multiple locations and with your drivers. Avoid overstocks and outages and strategically store goods where they are needed.

ROAR cannabis delivery software provides the tools you need for smart routing, automated shipping manifests, supply chain and inventory management. You get all this along with robust reporting features that keep you in compliance with state regulations.

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Get Freedom in the Cloud with ROAR

As a cloud solution, ROAR Cannabis Software can be used on any device with a web browser. Use computers and devices you already have and log in securely. ROAR delivers reliable 99.99% uptime, giving you high-level on-demand performance and real-time access from anywhere.

ROAR’s flexible web APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate with states for fast and easy compliance reporting. You can also integrate with other software and most hardware, from barcode scanners and label printers to digital scales and other devices, so that data flows securely and directly into or out of your system.

ROAR’s secure cloud infrastructure provides you with an affordable solution for profitable growth.