Cannabis Cultivation Software

Automate more of your business, and keep track of every phase of your cannabis grow operations.

Grow Traceability

The robust Product Data Management capabilities of ROAR cannabis cultivation software allows you to keep track of your live inventory, so you can trace every seed mother and clone through each growth phase.

Capture Lab Results

Attributes of lab tests like THC content and CBD can be automatically captured, either by scanning directly to ROAR’s cannabis cultivation software or through API integration between ROAR and your lab.

Track Nutrients and Energy

Applications of nutrients and consumption of energy can be traced in ROAR’s cannabis cultivation software as your plants grow. Any interaction of your staff with your plants can be recorded and associated to a plant, room, location or other grouping.

Make Projections

Leverage the power of your historical data that’s captured on a strain-by-strain basis and utilized in reports. Make easier, more informed yield and potency projections.

Follow Plant Movements

Material Management capabilities in ROAR’s cannabis cultivation software allows you to easily track your plants as they are moved between rooms for the different phases of growth.

Relieve Compliance Headaches

Don’t risk another day. ROAR’s automation seamlessly keeps you in compliance with the cannabis industry’s traceability and regulatory requirements.

Keep track of your biological assets through every step in your grow operation, from propagation to harvest, with ROAR’s cultivation management solution. Every action of your staff including application of nutrients, room movement and cloning back to seed mother can be automatically traced. Our solutions also provide barcode and RFID scanning capabilities.

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Get Freedom in the Cloud with ROAR

As a cloud solution, ROAR Cannabis Software can be used on any device with a web browser. Use computers and devices you already have and log in securely. ROAR delivers reliable 99.99% uptime, giving you high-level on-demand performance and real-time access from anywhere.

ROAR’s flexible web APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate with states for fast and easy compliance reporting. You can also integrate with other software and most hardware, from barcode scanners and label printers to digital scales and other devices, so that data flows securely and directly into or out of your system.

ROAR’s secure cloud infrastructure provides you with an affordable solution for profitable growth.