Cannabis Ancillary Business Software

Helping you provide the highest quality products and services for the cannabis industry.


ROAR streamlines your retail operations with powerful inventory management, product data management and point of sale (POS) merchandising software. Provide a superior experience for your customers with the efficient ROAR system.


Streamline your manufacturing operations, from engineering and work orders to Bill of Materials, kitting and assembly. ROAR keeps you on track and provides a lean manufacturing environment.


Meeting service delivery expectations while staying in compliance with evolving state regulations is challenging. ROAR helps you to meet these growing demands by helping you better manage your resources, projects, opportunities, services delivery, procurement and budgets.

Demand Forecasting

Leverage ROAR’s demand planning tools to forecast customer orders and anticipate costs. Utilize historical data to identify trends and adjust for seasonal and event factors.


Robust distribution capabilities address your needs for large scale order processing, product and inventory management, order fulfillment, and complete supply chain management.

Website Integration

Integrate your website with ROAR to further streamline your operations. Flexible web APIs allow ROAR to integrate with just about any solution.

Compliance and Reporting

Meet every state requirement for cannabis traceability. Built-in reports make fulfilling your compliance requirements a breeze.

Our team understands the unique needs of ancillary businesses in the cannabis industry. Whether you are a retail merchandiser, lighting supplier, packaging or labeling supplier, or provide a wide range of other products or services to Cannnabis-related companies, our enterprise software was developed to address your business requirements. The Guardian Data Systems team is your partner in the cannabis industry. We deliver ROAR’s cannabis ancillary business software, a robust system with deep capabilities surrounding the retail, services, distribution and manufacturing needs of ancillary businesses like yours.

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Get Freedom in the Cloud with ROAR

As a cloud solution, ROAR Cannabis Software can be used on any device with a web browser. Use computers and devices you already have and log in securely. ROAR delivers reliable 99.99% uptime, giving you high-level on-demand performance and real-time access from anywhere.

ROAR’s flexible web APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate with states for fast and easy compliance reporting. You can also integrate with other software and most hardware, from barcode scanners and label printers to digital scales and other devices, so that data flows securely and directly into or out of your system.

ROAR’s secure cloud infrastructure provides you with an affordable solution for profitable growth.