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Resource Optimization, Accounting & Reporting Software Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Guardian Data Systems delivers “ROAR”, the most complete cannabis software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions vertically integrated across all your operations. Whether your Cannabis business focuses on growing, processing, testing, dispensing, delivering, or all of the above, the ROAR cannabis software solutions have you covered. We give you the power to automate, gain insight to your data, stay compliant and control costs. Get ready to ROAR!

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Simplify the tedious tracking of seeds, clones, growth phases and plant movements with ROAR Cultivation. Our solution reduces the effort and mystery of projecting yields, easily captures lab results and makes it so much easier to fulfill compliance regulations. Click to learn more.

Oil extraction and preparing marijuana-infused products are all about the manufacturing and supply chain side of the cannabis industry. Control and automate all the steps involved in vendor management, procurement, inventory management, manufacturing, fulfillment and compliance. Click here to learn more.

For the cannabis distribution warehouse, streamlining to manage high product and order volumes is essential. With ROAR Distribution, you get large scale order processing, material management, fulfillment, accounting and more to automate and grow your distribution business. Click to learn more.

Cannabis delivery services will benefit from ROAR’s complete fulfillment management capabilities. Create manifests and track vehicles, drivers, routes, customers and products from starting to end points. Manage accounts and payments. ROAR delivers the complex cannabis software automation and compliance features your business requires. Click to learn more.

Optimize profits, reduce time-consuming processes and mitigate risk in your dispensary with ROAR’s Dispensary and Point of Sale solution. Your employees will appreciate the POS system’s easy-to-use interface. Everyone on your team will wonder how they ever got by once they experience ROAR’s robust inventory management, sales automation, demand forecasting and compliance reporting features. Click here to learn more.

ROAR Executive Suite is a full cannabis ERP that’s vertically integrated, rolling up your financials from cultivation, processing and labs to dispensary, delivery, distribution and ancillary businesses. Manage and automate multiple organizations for higher profitability and lower risk. Click to learn more.

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