Canna Businesses

Cannabis Dispensaries

Did you know that Legal Cannabis sales topped $2.5 billion in 2014? or that by 2019 the cannabis industry will have an economic impact exceeding $21 billion!? The need for robust and legitimate business, financial, and banking services for Cannabis Dispensaries, Collectives, and Stores are in higher demand than ever. Unfortunately, with convoluted and conflicting state and federal laws most financial institutions, manufacturers, and developers are leery of providing service to the cannabis industry. Then, on the other hand, there are all kinds of unscrupulous organizations pushing goods and services who have a total disregard for the sustainability of the industry or the health of your business with the sole intention of profiting.

Isn’t it time you had someone to work with that you can trust?

Welcome to Guardian Data Systems is the cannabis industry’s trusted leader with over a decade of business, banking, and financial services designed specifically to service the cannabis industry with transparency, legitimacy, and world class service. Our focus is on the responsible and sustainable growth of the industry through education and reform. Guardian Data Systems' perseverance and credibility has led to the creation of an unprecedented team of both current and former regulators from FinCEN, the FDIC’s Division of Risk Management Supervision, DOJ, IRS, as well as respected banking industry professionals. With this powerful team we are able to provide the widest range of transparent financial, business, and  merchant services available.

For dispensaries that are looking for a business bank account, FinCEN Guidance, a Cannabis Point of Sale or Seed to Sale System, equipment  financing or leasing, or just about anything else Guardian has the tools and services you are looking for.

Cannabis Cultivators

Cannabis production and distribution is a cost and labor intensive industry requiring large capital investment and often times tedious and expensive application processes with very few if any affordable financing or banking opportunities. With so much at risk doesn’t your business deserve the absolute best chance at success?Whether you are looking for business consulting, FinCEN compliant banking services, equipment leasing/financing, or Seed to Sale tracking systems Guardian Data Systems has your solution. With the most extensive and unprecedented team of partnerships and consultants to guide your business through the complex legal and financial labyrinths your cannabis business faces. For over 20 years Guardian Data Systems has been a leader in the high risk merchant services industry and 12 years as the most innovative financial services provider, educational leader, advocate, and lobbying entity for the cannabis industry. Guardian Data System’s experience has led to an exceptional network and team who have the ability to take your cannabis production business to the next level or assist with transparent financial services and banking.

Cannabis Infused Products and Processors

Medicinal and recreational cannabis has led to the development of marijuana edibles, extracts, tinctures, topicals, and vaporizer concentrates. These infused products and the processors who make them have become a major portion of the cannabis industry. For the states that allow cannabis infused products there are special rules, regulations, reporting, and labeling requirements that require specialized tools, software, and partnerships to ensure compliance.

As the cannabis industry’s trusted leader, Guardian Data Systems, specializes in providing the industry the legitimate financial and business services that your infused products business needs. Over the last decade Guardian Data Systems has led the charge for federal reform and the responsible legalization and growth of medicinal or recreational cannabis. Our extensive banking, merchant, and financial services experience combined with our prominent efforts have empowered us with an unprecedented team of current and former federal and private sector officials whose experience, knowledge, and respect in their fields allow Guardian Data Systems to offer your infused product business with the fully transparent and compliant services you need.

Contact Guardian Data Systems today and experience the difference of a legitimate service provider. Just a few of the services that will streamline your business, ensure your compliance, and finance your growth include:

  • Business Bank Accounts
  • Industry’s First and only complete business analytic and traceability software
  • Seed to Sale and Production Tracking software
  • Compliance Auditing Services
  • Equipment Leasing and Financing Options
  • Capital Funding
  • Payroll and Tax reporting services

Contact us and learn why the competition says:
“Go with Experience. Go with Guardian Data Systems!”