Guardian Data Systems Cannabis Focus

Guardian Data Systems is the premier provider of business and financial services to the cannabis industry throughout the United States. We focus on providing thousands of legal cannabis businesses with access to financial, management, and technological resources that enable them to better grow and compete in today’s marketplace. Guardian Data Systems is your safe and reliable provider of comprehensive financial management, cannabis business consulting, and merchant services with over a half century of combined experience.

Are you tired of your business having to endure a certain stigma despite your willingness to adhere to any and all laws and regulations? Guardian Data Systems is here to help any legitimate cannabis business that finds itself discriminated against because of conflicting state and federal regulations. We have a unique understanding of the cannabis industry and are the most outspoken advocates and lobbyists for the equal business rights that the industry warrants. Guardian Data Systems consistently represents the interests of legitimate cannabis-related businesses in our nation’s capital and are the most vocal and recognized provider of legitimate financial services at every level.

Guardian Data Systems believes your cannabis business deserves the full suite of credible business and fiscal solutions. We are here to help you navigate the many obstacles you may encounter from the time you turn the key, to your first sale, and for the life of your business. Guardian Data Systems is unique in our ability to guarantee safe, secure, and reliable handling of your funds, provide unparalleled banking access, and offer industry leading consultation. We know, better than anyone else, exactly what we are doing. As a matter of fact, the chances that we have already navigated your worst case scenario are highly likely. Guardian Data Systems is passionate about the cannabis industry and we intend our relationships to go beyond just business; we only seek ongoing partnerships to ensure your success and the legitimate, sustainable growth of the industry as a whole.

The Guardian Data Systems advantage is our unparalleled network of unprecedented partnerships that consist of both current and former regulators from FinCEN, the FDIC’s Division of Risk Management Supervision, DOJ, IRS, as well as banking industry professionals. These partnerships combined with the knowledge, background, and respect of the Guardian Data Systems team and the most reputable cannabis industry operators and financiers is why the cannabis industry turns to Guardian Data Systems for answers, consultation, and advocacy. Our group is paving the way to compliant banking services, self regulation, and societal acceptance. Our collective purchasing power allows us to negotiate the lowest rates and the most secure programs in the industry from payments and POS systems to funding and banking – see why the competition says “Go with Guardian Data Systems.”

Guardian Data Systems has a vision:

  • The Cannabis industry deserves Equal Access to Banking
  • The Cannabis Industry deserves to be treated equally just like any other business in the nation.
  • State-legal cannabis businesses should not persecuted with higher effective tax rates or struggle to find bank accounts and financial services.
  • Transparent and legal cannabis businesses should never have to fear arrest and prosecution by federal authorities when they are acting in compliance with state and local laws.
  • Education and policy will create the public acceptance and perception needed for the healthy growth of the cannabis industry who’s financial and medical benefits have only just began to be explored.

Go with Guardian Data Systems and get the Credibility, Legitimacy, Transparency and Experience that your business deserves.