Cannabis Business Payroll Processing

A trusted company for your payroll, deductions, W-2, and state and federal tax payment needs.

Many business owners find themselves spending up to 15% of their time managing employee payroll, withholdings, and taxes to keep costs down. Ironically, in an effort to control costs, 33% of businesses end up getting fined by the IRS for payroll mistakes, costing businesses in 2014 over $4.5 billion dollars!

Trying to keep up with constantly changing tax laws and employee classifications is more than most business owners want to attempt and most do not know how affordable a reputable payroll processor can be. Now, take into consideration that you are a cannabis business owner, and even if you wanted to hire a payroll processor, most wouldn't work with the cannabis industry! With all the complex regulations and compliance reporting that the cannabis industry has to navigate, adding payroll on top of the pile could turn out to be too much!

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” That may be true, but Guardian Data Systems can certainly help take the pain out of your payroll processing. Our complete payroll service does not just get employees paid, it also handles deductions, tax payments, wage garnishments, tax levies, liens and W-2s. Best of all, we are the cannabis industry’s trusted leader in transparent and legitimate financial services.

If you are finding yourself spending 7-12 hours a month working on payroll taxes alone, contact Guardian Data Systems today and let us take on the burden out of your cannabis business payroll processing.  Don’t be the 1 out of every 3 businesses to get fined this year!

As they say in the industry, "Go with Experience. Go with Guardian Data Systems!"

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