Cannabis Banking Services

Bank accounts and merchant services for
Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB).

Opening a business bank account can still be a very difficult task for Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) including dispensaries, collectives, and ancillary services. With State and Federal laws at opposition, many banks are either unable or unwilling to provide financial services to any business related to the cannabis industry.

At Guardian Data Systems, we strive every day for banking reform that will allow the industry access to the same financial services as any other legal business. For more than a decade, we have worked directly with the cannabis industry at federal, state, and business levels. Our expertise and unparalleled team of legal, compliance, and policy makers has taken big steps towards financial reform. This has led to Guardian Data Systems being the trusted leader in locating and underwriting cannabis business bank accounts and financial institution compliance programs.

Cannabis Business Bank Accounts

If you are a cannabis dispensary, retail, or ancillary service in need of a transparent business bank account, we can help! Guardian Data Systems has exclusive access to cannabis friendly banking services in nearly every enlightened state. Not only can we locate a bank for you but often times have the exclusive ability to provide your business with the guidance it needs to be successfully underwritten. Contact Guardian Data Systems today to find the cannabis-friendly banking solution your business needs. As we often hear in the industry, "Go with Experience. Go with Guardian Data Systems!"

Financial Institution Consultation and Compliance Services

For financial institutions wishing to work with certified cannabis businesses, the FinCEN regulations, memos, SARs reporting and disparity between state and federal guidelines can be overwhelming. Guardian Data Systems has an experienced team of respected bankers and both current and former policy regulators who are available to provide the consultation and systems your financial institution needs to deliver banking services to the cannabis industry while maintaining complete FinCEN compliance. Contact us today! 

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