Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Local, state and federal legal compliance is absolutely critical for your Cannabis Related Business (CRB).

With all the complex rules and regulations that the cannabis industry has to adhere to in order to remain legally compliant, it is of the utmost importance that your canna-business stays on top of regulations. This leads to compliance reporting and auditing procedures for cannabis dispensaries, collectives, producers, and shops that can be daunting, time consuming, and often times requires legal representation.

Guardian Data Systems proudly announces that they have streamlined the process for you with a fully customizable system that will ensure your compliance while saving you time and money. Whether your Cannabis Related Business (CRB) is a medical or recreational operation, our compliance program will help you develop the standard operating procedures, hiring practices, and education policies needed to assist your business in adhering to your states' laws. With our customized auditing questionnaire, we can break down any violations that may exist in your business from operational to physical and recommend remedies to help you meet or exceed compliance standards quickly and easily.

The Guardian Data Systems compliance tool is perfect for just about any regulated cannabis business including:

  • Retail and Medical Cannabis Centers
  • Cannabis Cultivation Facilities
  • Cannabis Infused Product Manufacturers

Contact Guardian Data Systems today to learn more about our cannabis compliance auditing and reporting services, so that you can protect your business from costly fines or shut-downs. Find out why the competition says:

"Go with Experience. Go with Guardian Data Systems!"

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