Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers.

“As for my thoughts about Guardian Data Systems, I cannot state how happy that I have been since I have made the switch over to Guardian Data Systems for my credit card processing needs.  I thought that I had a great negotiated rate before, but after switching processing companies, my charges dropped by over 40%.  I haven’t even had the chance to mention the fact that my nightly credit card settlement batches are deposited into my bank account the very next day!  Throughout the entire switching process, Sladana and Lance were extremely helpful and kind.  They always have answered any questions that I have had in a very prompt and professional manner.  I have sent two people your way that were unhappy with their current credit card processors and I hope that I can continue to send over more in the future!  If you ever need to use me as a reference, please do so.  I will be happy to do what I can to return the favor for the piece of mind that Guardian Data Systems is able to offer me, knowing that my credit card processing needs are completely solved!  Thanks!”
-Tim Nolan, High Plains Gun Shop


“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did in setting up my business financial infrastructure. How can you survive as a business without something as essential as a bank account? I don’t know how I would have put together the components necessary to run a successful business without your help. It is tough in this industry to set up an integrated system that allows for you to conduct business in a real “businesslike” fashion.

My point of sale architecture works great. Not only does it manage my inventory and keep my point of sale records but it makes my overall accounting so much easier! My accountant loves it! The books are mostly done for them when they pick up the records once a month. It also allows for me to make more intelligent buying decisions, track what my customers like, what promos are working, what my sales staff is doing, and so much more. A point of sale system without integration with your books, merchant services and banking is not really all that helpful. Integration rocks!

I thank you for your help and your team’s help in guiding me through the process to get to where I need to be. As a long time drug policy reform activist, I know how challenging these services can be to obtain from reputable sources.”
– John D., NPRC


“Giving an employee trust with your inventory is like trusting an employee with your checkbook. If you properly count and enter your inventory, then you know when product is missing. Unfortunately, I ran across a difficult situation. A young man I had known since he was a kid who I trusted. He was stealing product. Guardian Data Systems and their point of sale solution (RMS) has given us the tools and training to have accurate inventory.”
– Rodney H., AWC, Denver, Colorado 


“Guardian Data Systems has fulfilled all of our needs and has met our expectations. Lance is our GUARDIAN Angel… One call and problems are solved quickly and completely.”
– Joanna L., TFWH, Los Angeles, California


“I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the great service that you give to me and my store. It is a pleasure to have you take such good care of me. We really do not have a lot of issues and I believe that is due to you having a system that works well and is consistent for our everyday needs. You always are prompt to answer questions and keep us up and working. It is a pleasure doing business with a professional person who understands the immediate needs of our business.”
– Susan L., TFWW, Los Angeles, California


Guardian Data Systems provides world class support for all our clients.

Our team is always here to support you from our corporate office or our 24/7 US based service centers. You and your business are more than just a number to us. We value and celebrate your success by respecting your time with efficient and polite service!

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