Cannabis Software Implementation Support and Services

We are committed to your success.

Here at Guardian Data Systems, our mission is to help you succeed in the cannabis industry. That means customer service is one of our core values. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is personally committed to being there for you through every step with services aimed at streamlining your business while helping you adhere to evolving government regulations, with complete compliance and traceability. 

Software Support

Guardian delivers 24x7 support services to its clients. Support begins with our help desk, which is staffed Monday through Friday from 5am to 8pm PST, excluding observed holidays. Critical issues that may occur outside support desk hours are supported by on-call personnel 24x7x365.

How to Contact the Support Desk

Issues and support requests should be reported to the help desk via email or phone:

    Call toll free: 888.900.0420

Callers are provided the option to leave a “Call Back” number on business days from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific, rather than wait on hold. If the call goes to voice mail, we strive to return calls within one hour. Our average “Call Back” response time is under 10 minutes.

A support ticket number will be provided for all incidents and requests.

If a critical issue comes up outside of help desk hours, the support ticket is escalated to the Guardian support resource on call.

Cannabis Software Implementation

Our cannabis software implementation service takes into consideration your team’s project management needs and requirements for configurations and integrations. At the end of the implementation process, your employees will be able to productively use their new ROAR cannabis software.

Support and Training

We offer both one-time and ongoing support packages. Training services build your employees’ confidence and help them become highly productive. Our ongoing support package includes scheduled meetings with an engagement manager who will provide training, review your progress and make recommendations for next steps so that you continue to get the most out of your system.

ROAR Delivers Cannabis Software Project Success

Project support is critical for success. The ROAR team supports your project with deep expertise in the areas of project management, change management and user training, along with extensive technical knowledge to carry out the project. ROAR implementation services can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements. These services help organizations increase the benefits and return on investment with their new software while minimizing the risks and disruptions that may otherwise occur during transitions to new software. Additionally, our years of experience in the cannabis industry means you can rest assured that best practice solutions and attention to government compliance will be applied throughout your implementation.

Simplify Your Data Migration
Our implementation team understands the risks involved in data conversion and will walk you through the process to ensure accuracy. Guardian Data Systems' database experts lead you through the process of mapping and migrating your data to the new ROAR cannabis software system. We will perform quality assurance to confirm accurate system performance, including audits, data cleansing and mock go-lives.

Reduce the Impact on Employees and Customers
Guardian Data Systems provides you with a well-planned ROAR cannabis software implementation that significantly limits the risk of any major operational disruption. We fully address your needs for change management with planning that walks you through every phase of the process. Our method encourages collaboration, provides project visibility, and leads to effective knowledge transfer.

Maximize Your ROI with Expert Guidance

Our team’s experience in the cannabis industry has given us insight as to how cannabis companies can utilize enterprise software to streamline functions, optimize performance, and minimize costs. We will work with you to set up workflows, policies and procedures that streamline your business and lead to operational excellence.

Following go-live, we’ll help you verify that new processes have been adopted by users. Our team will provide suggestions for setting and monitoring KPIs so that you can evaluate the success of your new processes. This is also when companies are able to identify their needs for follow-up training. Our more complete Post Implementation Audit is recommended to further your success.

Guardian Data Systems provides world class support for all our clients. Our team is always here to support you from our corporate office or our 24/7 US based service centers. You and your business are more than just a number to us. We value and celebrate your success by respecting your time with efficient and polite service!

Questions? Need Support?

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